Many people are fond of Chinese customs and style. Mahjong is another element of the Celestial Empire’s heritage, which a connoisseur should definitely get to know if he is also a fan of gambling. Let’s figure out the features and rules of the Mahjong game.

Game history

According to one of the myths, mahjong was invented by the philosopher Confucius in the five hundredth year BC. Another legend says that mahjong was invented in more ancient times by a fisherman named Jie, who was looking for a means to distract fishermen from seasickness. Experts are inclined to believe that mahjong is a fairly young game, which is about a century and a half old. Today, the debate about who actually invented mahjong does not stop. It is only known that until the 20th century it was played in a limited area – in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and in the suburbs of Beijing. And by 1920, the game had become a national treasure and gained fame even in Europe and America.

Mahjong rules

There are many varieties of mahjong. The most common version of the game is called Chinese Classic Mahjong. According to legends, it was played by Chinese emperors. To play Mahjong correctly at the table, you need to collect four people. Everyone plays for himself. The game is played for money. If you are going to play Mahjong online, then on the network and online casinos you can find versions for one person. In this case, the game will be called Solitaire Mahjong. It is also popularly called mahjong solitaire. The goal of the classic mahjong game is to completely disassemble the tile structure. It is possible to disassemble a structure only by adhering to the rule – two bones with the same pictures or icons must be removed from the structure in one action. The tiles in classic mahjong show:

* symbols;

* points;

* bamboos;

* winds;

* seasons;

* flowers;

* dragons.

Also, the bones must be in the correct position so that they can be pulled out. The tile must not be touched if, when removed to the left or to the right, it moves the adjacent knuckles. The rule also applies to interference located above. Simply put, a bone can be pulled out if the left or right is free, and if there is no other tile on it. Exposed tiles are usually highlighted in color. Also, to please the player, in many versions of online mahjong there is a button “How to play”, after pressing which the rules appear on the screen. However, not all games have been translated into Russian. Mahjong is not limited in time, so you can relax and enjoy a great logic game.

Tips & Tricks

How to disassemble mahjong, each player determines for himself. Beginners need to know the following basics:

* it is better to disassemble the structure alternately: from above and from the edges;

* it is better not to touch open tiles until there are no other options;

* for a beginner player, for the first time, structures with a small number of tiers and bones will do.


Mahjong is a traditional Chinese board game that has made its way to online casinos. To win at Mahjong, you need to completely disassemble the tile (bone) structure. Dice can only be pulled out according to certain rules, which makes the game very exciting and develops attentiveness. There are many versions of mahjong. Today, the most common Chinese classic.