Flower Power is one of the simplest slots on the Microgaming roster, and one that has slipped under the radar because of its simplicity. There isn’t a lot on offer here, but if you like the retro theme and have some hippy blood in you, then you might enjoy what Flower Power has to offer. This poker can be found on most Microgaming casinos, including Royal Vegas Casino.


There are only three reels on Flower Power, and these show two symbols each. Despite this, there are three paylines in total, and there are also some big wins available. The Flower Power theme is pretty redundant, as is so often the case with these simple retro games. The backdrop is colored to match the theme and there is also a logo (both on the game and available as a symbol) but beyond that it’s not really relevant.

The Flower Power logo is actually the biggest symbol, and if you fill the third payline with these then you can get a return of 5, 000x. Flower Power operates a little differently from similar slots, because instead of offering three levels of payments depending on whether you stake 1, 2 or 3 coins, it offers three levels of payments depending on which payline the symbols land on. This makes it a little more appealing to low stake players.

Bet Sizes

Flower Power can be played for as little as $0. 25 per spin, and as much as $15 per spin. The game works in coins, and you set the value of each coin before playing as many as 3 of them per spin.


There are no bonus features on Flower Power and there are no instant win scatter symbols to look out for either.


Flower Power is a simple game, and one that will appeal to retro players only.