Lucky Stars – Pokies with High RTPs

Lucky Stars is a basic Microgaming pokie on the surface, but dig a little deeper and you will find a lot more. As the saying goes, «You should never judge a book by its cover,» and that certainly applies to Lucky Stars, because whilst it doesn’t look the best, it plays fantastically. To experience this for yourself, grab yourself an account on Royal Vegas Casino.

Hellboy Pokies

Comic Themed Pokies that are Safe Based on the famous comic strip published by Dark Horse Comics, the Hellboy pokie was created by Microgaming and stays true to the original character and storylines. You won’t find any images or references to the film adaptation here, as everything is based entirely on the comic.

Untamed Giant Panda – Pokies with Free Spins

Untamed Giant Panda is a Microgaming pokie that you can find on the best licensed casinos, including Safe Casino. As part of a series that explores the deep wildernesses of planet earth, looking at the beautiful animals that call these places home, Untamed Giant Panda is a very attractive game, but there is also enough going on elsewhere to make this a winning pokie all round.

Terminator 2 Pokies – Film Based Pokies for Money

The Terminator series of films has kept action fans on the edge of their seats since the 1980s, and thanks to Microgaming, it has also crossed over to the world of pokies. This well presented slot machine can be found on Safe Casino and other top online casinos, and it includes a wealth of features that is sure to excite fans of the classic film.

Life’s a Beach – 20 Payline Slots from Royal Vegas

Life’s a Beach is a 20 payline pokie from Microgaming that is set on the beach, the playground for the bold, the bronzed and the beautiful. Dig a little under the sand and you’ll discover some interesting features on this pokie, including a huge base game jackpot. To give yourself a shot at winning this, and to enjoy everything else that Life’s a Beach offers, head for Royal Vegas Casino.

Thunderstruck Pokies – 9 Payline Pokies

Thunderstruck was one of the first ever video pokies to hit the online market. It was developed by Microgaming and released in 2004, beginning an age of dominance for them in which they would assert their control over the online gambling market. Thunderstruck would later spawn a sequel and it would also go on to inspire many developers to release similar pokies.